Dr. Kenneth Moritsugu - Former U.S. Surgeon General - Advisory Board - Chairman Emeritus

Leadership.  Defined.

The late Hon. Congressman Louis Stokes - Advisory Board Chairman Emeritus - 2007-2015

Leif Ackerman - CEO - Ideagen

Sidhant Gupta, Microsoft - Chairman - Ideagen Advisory Board

Maurizio Vecchione - Chairman - Global Good & Research, A Collaboration with Bill Gates - Ideagen Impact Leader Council

June Sugiyama, Vodafone - Ideagen Advisory Board 

Dr. Kiko Suarez, Lumina Foundation - Co-Chairman - Ideagen Impact & Thought Leader Council

Kevin Donnellan, AARP - Ideagen Impact & Thought Leader Council

Peter Watkins - Senior Vice President - Global Communications

Ruth Riley - Ideagen Impact Leader Council

The Hon. Jane Oates, Apollo -  Ideagen Impact Leader Council

Sue Stephenson, Ritz Carlton/Impact 2030 - Ideagen Impact Leader Council

John Spanos, San Diego Chargers - Ideagen Advisory Board

Annette Richardson, United Nations - Ideagen Advisory Board

Steve Delfin, America's Charities -  Ideagen Advisory Board

Patrick Gaston, Western Union - Ideagen Advisory Board

The Hon. Ambassador Patrick Theros, US Qatar Business Council -  Ideagen Advisory Board

Jimmy Lynn - Ideagen Advisory Board

Agape Redwood, Gallup -  Ideagen Advisory Board